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Wine Club

Receive 6 Bottles at a discount of 20% off in April and October

20% off retail price of wine on the day you sign up

Invitation to exclusive Wine Club Member dinners and events

Complimentary Tasting for you and 3 other guests

20% off all wine, all the time, when purchased through the club or events

Priority access to the Ranch Club

Approximate price per shipment: $200 + shipping

Ranch Club

Priority given to Wine Club members

Receive an offer to purchase 25 pounds pasture raised meats (pork, beef, lamb), raised by Hilary Graves, twice per year.

Price per shipment: $275
*may vary based on availability and market prices


Custom Vineyard Management for Luxury Paso Robles Brands

The Team at Mighty Nimble, LLC provides vineyard management services ranging from hourly consulting to turn-key vineyard management for luxury Paso Robles wine brands.

Product Sustainability

Mighty Nimble, LLC provides product sustainability consulting to luxury Paso Robles vineyards and wine brands with a specific focus on water efficiencies in the vineyard and winery.

For pricing or more information about how the team at Mighty Nimble, LLC can help you, please contact Hilary Graves by phone at (805)674-1686 or by email at [email protected].


All-Natural Grass-Fed Beef

Raised on over 600 rolling acres on California’s beautiful Central Coast, our Black Angus steers live out their lives in oak forests and eat a diet of native grasses. They are free range animals who are farm raised and farm finished on grass only, never contained in a feed lot. We do not use growth hormones or routinely fed antibiotics. Grass-Fed Beef is available to our Ranch Club twice a year. For more information or to join the Mighty Nimble Ranch Club, please contact Hilary Graves by phone at (805)674-1686 or by email at [email protected].

Registered Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs

Mighty Nimble, LLC breeds and sells registered Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs, a critically endangered, heritage breed hog with roots in Old England. Our meat pigs are raised on pasture and are not given hormones or routinely fed antibiotics. For inquiries on purchasing breeders or feeder pigs, please contact Hilary Graves by phone at (805)674-1686 or by email at [email protected]..

Hilary Graves

Hilary Graves is a fourth generation farmer who grows wine grapes and raises all-natural grass-fed beef and heritage breed hogs on the beautiful Central Coast of California. She is passionate about California water policy and preserving our Nation’s agricultural heritage. In addition to her work with Duarte Nursery as Central Coast Field Representative, she owns an agricultural consulting business, Mighty Nimble LLC. Hilary graduated from California State University, Fresno and Texas Woman’s University. She also attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where she studied viticulture. Hilary is a member of California Women for Agriculture and is currently running for a Director position on the proposed Paso Robles Basin Water District. Hilary and her husband live and farm in Creston with their two daughters.

P.O. Box 159 Creston, CA 93432
phone 805.674.1686 email [email protected]